Cultura & Società giugno 17, 2019

Try new recipes with our new Recipe-Book !

Cultura & Società giugno 17, 2019

Try new recipes with our new Recipe-Book !

Creating innovative recipes is not always an easy task. This is why we, all the team Oryza, are proud to present you our new recipe-book 2019 specially created to innovate and amaze all your guests with delicious crispy dishes. In this article, you will learn how we have developed this recipes, our principal development partner and some examples of innovative recipes.


The recipes development

In order to create new recipes for ou recipe-book, we chose to collaborate with the prestigious Stresa’s Catering School, by helping them to train their students with by bringing them a concrete case of real business. By this way, all the students group were facing a real project of recipe creation, which is very useful in their learning.

With our products as a base, they showed great innovation creating innovative and tasty recipes, but not only. Indeed, this project was made to train them developing their dishes creativity, but nothing beats practice.

After one month of theoretical creation of recipes, all the students have plunged into the concrete by preparing their recipes in their laboratory with the help of their head cooking teacher, Luigi l’Aurora. During four sessions, they were in front of real issues completely entering their skills, as type of cooking, density of materials, dishes presentation, and other issues. This allowed them to adjust their theoretical recipe in front of concrete issues and to prepare them for the problems they will encounter in their future working lives.


I talked a lot about these students, their head teacher.. But I haven’t introduce them yet !

Stresa Catering School “E. Maggia” at the heart of the project

   Alberghiero Stresa E. MAGGIA

The “Erminio Maggia” Institute, affectionately called by its former students “La Scuola di Stresa“, was born in 1938.

The school developed quickly thanks to the intelligent figure of its founder, Prof. Albano Mainardi, who took over the management starting in 1939 and kept it until 1978.
Thanks to the intervention of Dr. Guido Maggia, in the years from ’57 to ’59 the new headquarters was built, the current main building of the Institute.

At its beginnings in the Stresa School everything was based on the practice of duty, the school had great value both for young people and for their families because education was recognized as an opportunity to improve and progress in society.
But the School of Stresa, already from those years, clearly placed in the foreground the search for its specific didactic style and the qualifying aspects of effective teaching, it was gradually accumulating a wealth of experiences and traditions that in some aspects already had early school autonomy.
The educational tables of Captain Pietro Ricci, which can still be seen in the school corridors, are an example of this: they testify to the didactic style and the consequent search to provide meaningful, effective and lasting teaching. The teachers used them instead of the textbook (which did not yet exist).
The school became the fulcrum of teaching in the tourism-hotel sector, assuming in a certain sense the role of educational experimentation center to which all the Italian hotel institutions of today have turned.
In 1942 there took place the First National Congress on Hotel Education and from then on it acquired an ever increasing international fame, attracting students from all over the world.
At the end of the 70s the “E. Maggia ”has earned the undisputed distinction of best hotel in Italy and many of its students have made brilliant and prestigious careers in hotels reaching the highest professional heights.
Even today the school lives on this importance and maintains the prestige achieved, preparing young people who are increasingly qualified to achieve ambitious work goals.


You are now wondering which type of recipe you will be able to realize ? Please, let me show you an example :

Which kind of dishes can we follow with the recipe-book ?

Created by Pietro and Philippe, the recipe Diplomatica alla Beta, in English Beta Diplomatic is an innovative prestigious recipe. This recipe is available in our new Recipe-Book, and in our website. To follow it, you will need :

  • Papilla Beta : 5 puffed cakes
  • Sponge Cake : 200 g
  • Custard : 250 ml
  • Aperol : 2 cl
  • Icing Sugar : 100 g
  • Ginger : To taste

Steps to follow :

  1. Place the cake in the center of the plate.
  2. Wet the sponge cake with the Aperol.
  3. Compose the dish alternating a layer of cake, one of sponge cake and a layer of custard.
  4. Cover with icing sugar.
  5. Enjoy !




If you want to innovate and to amaze your guests during your next dinner, more than thirty new innovative recipes are available on our new Recipe-Book and on our website.