About us

Oryza, since 2002, it’s an agribusiness company that produces organic gluten-free cereal cakes and sells italian rice.

We love the earth,

We promote the wellness.

In the heart of the best area of rice production, Vercelli, Oryza’s team, composed of technical profiles, works every day to make very clear goals: offer top quality products, promote physical wellness and respect nature.

The collaboration with partners, local farmers and agronomists, ensure the quality of raw materials used in the cakes’ production: local, genuine, healthy.

Genuine and healthy because they come from organic farming and are selected to offer tasty certified products.


Gluten-free cereals

Rice, corn, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet.

Gluten-free cereals are the special ingredients of our cakes, perfect for those who are intolerant to gluten. Rich in fiber, vitamins and nutrients, they are ideal as an alternative to glutinous food, ensuring the right amount of energy without sacrificing taste.

Oryza cakes are the result of different combinations of cereals with other special ingredients, such as chia seeds or flax, chickpeas or nuts.


Organic, genuine, healthy cakes

Oryza promotes the nature: that’s why we choose ingredients from organic farming. This choice ensures a natural raw material processing, with no artificial interventions that alter their composition. It follows, therefore, higher quality of final product, providing all nutritional properties to make it good, more genuine and above all healthier.

All our products are guaranteed by quality certifications that attest to its organic origin and quality.


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Organic top quality, customized and certificated products

Our strengths

  • Industry’s control from farm to final product;
  • No GMO seed used;
  • Use of modern technologies;
  • International certifications;
  • Industry research and internal development;
  • Flexibility and customer focus;
  • Group synergies for a perfect synthesis of expertise, products, offers and costs.


Private label and personalization

Oryza creates private label products. We offer an extensive customization: interested company can compose own cakes combining many ingredients and gluten-free cereals, choosing between different forms and packaging, according to the needs.

The company also can explore the area reserved for the internal research laboratory – OryzaLab – to find out the news and recipes of investigational products.

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Market and industry

Flexibility, reliability, reactivity, responsiveness to the customer: these are the demands of the modern market that Oryza satisfies with competent structure and dedicated professionals.

The production plant, recently, modern, automated, complete the profile of the brand


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